Complete Services to Meet Your Needs

At Luber Bros. our mission is to be your preferred supplier of quality products, to provide first-class service and competitive prices, and to be honest in everything we do, earning your respect and trust. That’s why we offer a complete range of services and solutions across our four brands. From turnkey equipment sales and financing to short-term rental options, we specialize in meeting both your immediate and long-term needs. We’re your allies “in the field”, and your partners in success.

Luber Bros Turf Equipment Logo

When Luber Brothers started selling turf equipment 50 years ago our purpose was clear: we want to provide first-class service at a competitive price, and to be honest in everything we do, earning respect and trust from all of our customers. Today we still hold to these values, carrying only the best turf equipment.

LBI Finance Logo

Our team of finance specialists will support you through the entire process of financing your equipment. With affordable terms and a wide range of credit options at our disposal we will ensure that the down payment, APR, and length of the loan are all optimized to meet your budget and cash flow goals.

LBI Sports Turf Equipment

Our Sports division is dedicated to providing the most advanced grounds management advice and equipment in the sports industry. From PGA courses to the New York Yankees to the Dallas Cowboys, we are partners and exclusive equipment providers for some of the biggest pro sports brands around the world.


Some of our largest clients prefer to rent their equipment rather than financing or buying it outright. Whether you want to always have the latest equipment or you prefer the tax benefits of renting, the range of options available through our rental division reflects our commitment to meeting your needs.